IHHP offers an exciting media training project where by community members get to learn and gain ‘real’ media skills from our talented IHHP media team, that can build capacity locally to create powerful content and to document stories, art and culture.

Participants can be taught basic equipment skills in photography and filming, including quick iPad filming for basic uploads onto Facebook and Instagram, basic equipment audit and archive / data storage, equipment control and data control and if appropriate more detailed videography and editing training.

IHHP facilitators can give comprehensive technical training on all the equipment from cameras, SD cards, batteries, lenses, flashes, software (photo shop and final cut). IHHP facilitators build up confidence and understanding in the use and operation of the equipment.

IHHP trained four girls recently in Warmun WA on the power of social media and how to promote the ‘Warmun Art Gallery’ social media pages and the World renown local Gija artists. The girls were trained in capturing stories and photos with iPads and posting daily on Facebook and Instagram. The girls captured stories on bush tucker, bush medicine, stories behind the art works from the artists themselves.

They were taught how to frame up and make images look visually appealing and how to upload and share content along with writing up descriptions and stories. They now know how to upload and share special moments in the community instantly with their audience.

IHHP facilitators also taught community members how top use and fly a drone DJI 4k.

IHHP facilitators taught the community members to create a slide show of old photographs from the community collection, which is now displayed on the new screen. This process included scanning old images, touching up and editing on Photoshop, labeling and titling of the images, then creating a slide show.

Strong cultural content was created with clear translations and all content was achieved and uploaded to the databases and servers.

Real outcome and skills and knowledge transferred

On the recent Warmun Media Project IHHP Media artists left behind practical workflows and Media skills with the participants. The community created their own slideshows, photos, Interviews and awesome content by themselves for the TV’s in the Gallery and Social Media. Huge achievements were made during this two-week period with all the participants now having confidence and belief that they can make content and use the equipment themselves ‘For Community, By Community’.