IHHP has been working across Australia facilitating 1-2 hour sessions at what is regarded as some of the best youth leadership camps; Camps such as KGI Richmond Tigers, Evonne Goolagong National Tennis Camp, TEGS and Cathy Freeman Youth Camps, to name a few. IHHP provide 1-2 hour performance workshops and give talks to participants about leadership fundamentals. The key aim of our camp sessions is to use music and dance to break down barriers, build confidence and self-esteem, empower participants to not be worried about what they look like, break down shame and public performance anxiety and to support each other through the process. Our camp sessions are awesome fun and have been described as the highlight of many leadership camps around Australia by both participants and partners alike.

Penbank (Wugularr School Beswick) Camp

Evonne Goolagong Tennis Camp


IHHP Leadership Program out in community

IHHP offers an incredible leadership program, which is delivered out in the communities and facilitated across a 1 -2 week period. Schools, Local shires, AMS’s or Communities themselves identify 12 -15 young leaders that they want to build skills confidence and capacity to run their own events and activities within their hometowns. During the first week, these leaders are put through various activities, centred around trust, teamwork, active listening, presentations, and are taught many skills inclusing public speaking, event management as well as full days of dance workshops/public speaking, training on public performing.

During the second week, the participants join the IHHP crew in touring around local schools to perform with IHHP and experience what it would be like to work with IHHP. This concept is about empowering young people to be role models and teach other kids in their town or region. 10-15 local leaders will be touring around other schools and communities over 2-3 days.

Solid Mob Week 1

Solid Mob Week 2

Lennox Heads Leadership Camp


Remote Leadership Camp

This project has also worked well remotely, with the same concept teaching up to 15 kids touring every community/school. The concept here is ‘Kids teaching kids’ and empowering young people to teach others. The aim is to build capacity in young people to become leaders and transfer sustainable, real skills to communities. Participants are given skills and encouraged through an open dialogue about public speaking and stepping up in any facet of their lives. Confidence! Initiative! Self Esteem! Anything is possible. We have a major focus on how substance abuse with drugs and alcohol can hinder or stop opportunities from happening. It’s about making the right choices for the future of the families and communities!

Warburton Youth Leadership Documentary