Our popular IHHP dance projects are connecting with more and more communities each year – offering highly engaging workshops with the Nation’s best role models/dancers, designed to meet your community’s specific needs. IHHP artists come from all over Australia, as well as Internationally, all from culturally diverse backgrounds. Our priority for the dance project is for talented artists to create as much energy, fun and entertainment as they can during the week, while promoting healthy lifestyle and education key messages to the whole community.

These videos are a great example of how amazing our dance artists are:

IHHP Promo Dance Clip

IHHP – Yolngu Syle

Our highly engaging Hip Hop Dance Project has been a huge success over the past 10 years around Australia. It involves artists facilitating four hours of performances and workshops each weekday in schools, youth centres and/or local Shires. At the end of the week IHHP hosts a massive community event called ‘Deadly Styles’ to show case all the routines and showcases taught to the community during the week. The dance project has been popular for school holiday programs, school excursions, school and Christmas concerts.

IHHP has over 40 talented dance artists, which endure a grueling week long dance camp at the beginning of each year to learn our IHHP Showcase choreography and be put through training and education about the IHHP expectations of working in community. Cultural safety and protocol along with OH&S, travel safety, WWCC and company values and policy are all taught to artists.

The number of artists that we provide will depend on the number of participants that we are expected to engage. This project can engage hundreds of young participants each day and we will guarantee to bring an injection of infectious energy and fun to the community. The end of the week community concert ‘Deadly Styles’ will be a highlight for the community.

Recently we have been providing extra film artists and creating some amazing high quality dance tutorial resources and behind the scenes dance documentaries. This is a great way to document the week and create a special lifelong sustainable resource for your community to enjoy, share and promote in years to come.

Dance Tutorial Videos

Dance tutorial videos are a great way to continue the IHHP dance project in the community, well after the artists leave. Schools, Youth Centers and even people at home can enjoy practicing and teaching the dance to other by watching and learning from artists from the online instructional videos.

Yolgnu Health Dance Tutorial (ENGLISH) – Miwatj Health

Yolgnu Health Dance Tutorial (YOLGNU) – Miwatj Health

IHHP – Bathurst Tiwi Island ‘Dance Tutorial

Yolgnu Health Dance Tutorial (ENGLISH) – Miwatj Health 

IHHP Gunbalalanya Dance Tutorial 2016 

IHHP – Milikapiti School Dance Tutorial 

IHHP- Nganmarriyanga School ‘Palumpa Dance‘ 

IHHP – Ngaanyatjarraku – Ng Healthy Dance 

Dance Documentary Projects

Here are some examples of Dance Video Projects, which have also included a filmmaker (total of five artists) to record the process:

IHHP – Ngaanyatjarra Dance Tour

IHHP – North East Arnhemland, Laynhapuy & Yolngu Homelands Dance Documentary

Darwin – NiteStreet

Bunbury Dance Project

IHHP – Ngaanyatjarra Dance Tour

IHHP – Warburton Youth Leadership Documentary

IHHP – North East Arnhemland, Laynhapuy & Yolngu Homelands Dance Documentary