Strong Culture = Strong Communities

Each project that IHHP delivers will always endeavor to have a strong cultural focus. Culture is the most important thing for Indigenous communities as it gives such a strong sense of pride, identity, connection to country and animals and connection to the sprit of ancestors and one another. Traditional culture sets the foundation and gives community power and rules to respect and respect each other and care for the country. Traditional culture has been passed down over tens of thousands of years and is so important for all Australians to try and preserve what Indigenous culture is left behind and move forward together and embrace the rich language and history of this great land. Many languages, tribes and song men have been lost through assimilation policies and stolen generation of the past Governments. IHHP has a strong belief in two-way learning. Kids should be taught and have rich knowledge in both Balanda/Gudija (White Fella) way and Traditional Way.

IHHP has been so privileged to work alongside Elders and Key lore men and women across Australia and assisting to preserve traditional culture, keeping it alive and helping communities document and capture song, ceremony and culture. Cultural projects can include traditional song, language, dance, paint up, art, weaving, storytelling, bush trips, swimming, camping, fishing, smoking ceremony, making spears, bush medicine, hunting, collecting bush food, men and womens ceremony and festival time.


IHHP Cultural projects

Holding on, Passing on – Gooniyandi Song and Dance

IHHP Mowanjum – Culture Night


“Ripple Effect” Maningrida

Laynhapuy Homelands – This is our Country

Ngukurr – Break The Silence

Echuca Moama- ‘three rivers flow’