Company directors, Dion Brownfield and Mike Farah have been invited to some of the biggest National and International conferences as key note speakers and guest presenters. Showcasing the work of IHHP both Dion and Mike offer the conference attendees an insight into our creative process and our experience and grass roots knowledge of working in Aboriginal and Torres Straight communities. We have been lucky to present at the following conferences:

Multi Cultural Townsville, Cairns, Headspace National Conference, TEDx, RANCOZ, Beyond Blue,  White Lion/Stride Youth Conference, Dare 2B Youth Conference, Youth Justice Conference, Indigenous Legal Conference, Youth Generation Conference.

Feedback from conference and events coordinators and participants has been overwhelming, entertaining, powerful and informative. IHHP presentations focus to lift the energy at conferences and get the participants up and moving and interacting in between long oral presentations.


Professor Huge Taylor testimonial from RANZCO:

“Thank you very much for your important contribution to the ‘Culture and Indigenous Health’ plenary symposium of the RANZCO Annual Scientific Congress on Wednesday.

We appreciate your time and effort in attending and presenting at the event and showcasing to the delegates the power and success of Indigenous Hip Hop Projects work with the University of Melbourne. We are very proud of our work with IHHP and believe that the community engagement achieved through music and art, and working with IHHP, has contributed significantly to our work in eye health.

The feedback from RANZCO officers and others who attended the event has been very positive. Powerful, important, ‘the best session of the conference’, stimulating and insightful are but a few of the descriptors. I believe RANZCO will commit to a similar session next year when the conference is in Perth and we will be encouraging local Indigenous presentations for all future events.

Thank you again.”

Professor Hugh R Taylor AC

Melbourne Laureate Professor & Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health

Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

The University of Melbourne