IHHP have many professional street artists that have been out to community painting breath taking murals. From art, stencil and graffiti workshops to large scale community murals IHHP can make tailor and coordinate a project to suit your budget and your community needs.

Recent Community Mural Project


IHHP Warburton ‘Clean Face Strong Eyes’ 2016

IHHP artists Matt Last AKA ‘Adnate’ visited Warburton with our crew and Melbourne University Eye Health Unit Trachoma Campaign ‘Clean Face, Strong Eyes’. Adnate took portrait photos of two community members and then painted a large-scale community mural accompanied by slogans and logo, focusing on the key messages of the campaign. The mural is now a permanent, sustainable feature in the community and a reminder of how important it is to keep ‘Clean Face and Strong Eyes’. This mural will be a long lasting feature in the community for years to come as a powerful addition to the campaign and a reminder to everyone about the key message.

ADNATE – 2015 Purnululu Visit

In early December 2015, Matt Last joined IHHP Project in Purnululu and photograph young people for his up coming exhibition. The community of Purnululu identified the library wall as the location where they wanted one of his murals to be painted. Below is a picture of Matt Last (ADNATE) in front of his mural of Amelia in Purnululu School. This is now a deadly feature of the school and all the visitors and guests get photos in front of it when they visit the school.

Whilst in Purnululu, Adnate photographed portraits of all the young people during the traditional culture night ‘Wanga’ and used the experience as an inspiration for a large-scale exhibition later launched in Melbourne.

Proceeds from the sale of 250 prints that were sold at the exhibition were donated back to the School.

ADNATE – Pigeon Hole case study

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects have a powerful and extensive relationship with Adnate beginning in 2013 when Matt travelled with IHHP to Pigeon Hole, NT with Dion Brownfield Director of IHHP where he was granted permission to photograph the community during corroboree and use the pictures and the cultural exchange as inspiration to then paint huge murals around the world.

Matt attended a week-long project with IHHP in Pigeon Hole, NT in 2013. Throughout the week, notably on the cultural nights, Matt took photos of the young people of Pigeon Hole. In exchange for the photographs Adnate painted two massive murals for the community which hold pride of place in Pigeon Hole still today. Matt then created works in public spaces and for a major exhibition, which he painted portraits using spray paint of young and elders from around Australia. Matt created 250 framed prints of one of the most popular Pigeon Hole portraits and sold them at his exhibition generating $25,000, to which he donated back to the Pigeon Hole School.

Find further details below:

Matt Adnate, an incredible internationally recognised spray-can street artist who specialises in huge murals of indigenous youth. Elevating graffiti art above the level of letter writing, Adnate’s subject matter and their subsequent status often belies the intent of his portraits. The feature of his work is in the detail of the eyes.

His works are often cropped by evocative slices of vibrant colour, channeling a presence of character, much like a still life uses it’s background as a setting for detail and showing of fine brushstrokes. Adnate’s realism is highlighted by the use of what appears careless, but is frequently calculated blocks of vibrant colour.