Decorating With Kids

For parents who have young children, it can seem like you will never get your home back until they move out. So many adjustments are made for their safety and to make clean-ups easier that it often feels like you just have to make do with what is convenient rather than the fashionable. In reality, there is much more flexibility than you might imagine when it comes to decorating your home, even when you have kids running around underfoot. 


You do not have to restrict yourself when it comes to wall paint colours. Choose whatever colour you love, but opt for washable paints like semi-gloss or eggshell finish. Many will look great in whatever room you use and are easy to wipe down without them losing their sheen. 

You may also want to consider a chalkboard wall in one of the rooms. This will make for a huge and reusable canvas where your kids can expend their energy and creativity, without leaving a mess you will struggle to clean up later. 


Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Many parents automatically opt for leather seats just because they feel clean-up will be easier and they do not have to worry about dirt penetrating the cushions. However, not everyone loves this aesthetic. If you love fabric sofas, look for performance upholstery fabrics that are more resistant to spills and stains like Crypton, microfiber, and ultra-suede. They are quite comfortable though probably not as durable as leather. 

You can from time to time engage professional upholstery cleaners for a deep clean or invest in attractive sofa covers you can easily throw into the washing machine when need be. For the same convenience, opt for throw pillow cushions that come with removable covers. 

Secure Your Furniture and Décor

Some types of furniture are magnets for kids that want to climb. TV stands, cabinets, and bookcases are a few examples that require bolting down or to the wall. It is a common occurrence for children to climb such pieces and end up having them land on top of them. No matter how heavy you think the furniture is, be sure to be safe than sorry. 

The same goes for pictures on the wall. Ensure that they are well secured and will not come loose because tiny hands are trying to get at them. The last thing you want is a picture frame to fall and land on your child at a sharp angle. 


With flat screens becoming the norm, you need to better secure your television so it is less likely to fall on your child. Many current designs have very unstable bases that can easily cause them to topple over with just a bump into the TV stand. They are quite different from older CRT models that came with a larger and heavier base design. Opt to mount your television on the wall instead. Also, try to keep remotes out of sight in a drawer. If you leave them out on a shelf, your child is likely to try and climb to get to them.