IHHP in partnership with NAAJA made five powerful resources to assist with teaching young people about their rights and how to lead respectful relationships. We visited lajamanu, Maningrida, and Don Dale Darwin Youth detention centre to create resources on the following topics:

  • Interacting well with police (respect the law, respect police – the law respects you)
  • Respectful relationships (respect your family, respect your culture, respect the law, respect yourself)
  • Peer pressure and the law – common purpose/complicity (respect the law, respect your friends, resist peer pressure)
  • And a back up theme of strong parenting/child protection (respect your family, keep children safe in their community and culture)

The common thread throughout this project was the word ‘Respect’. IHHP felt that is was important to talk about culture (lore) and the law and living between two legal systems (traditional/customary law and Gardia/Balanda law). Exploring respect and culture, respectful relationships and respect and the law was so powerful and we loved listening and working with the cultural leaders in Lajamau and Maningrida.

Music videos

IHHP | NAAJA “Ripple Effect” Maningrida 

IHHP | NAAJA “One Mob” Lajamanu 

IHHP | NAAJA “Break The Cycle” Dondale Youth Detention Centre 


Behind the scenes

Maningrida ‘Ripple Effect’ – interviews and behind the scenes

IHHP | NAAJA – Lajamanu Kurdiji Law and Justice Group