Women’s Business Projects 'Deadly Sister Power'

Indigenous Hip hop Projects prides itself in the delivery of our women’s business project empowering women in community to have a voice and speak up, look after their bodies and make the right choices for their future. The youth space is very dominated by activities for male teens and we offer powerful role models and projects specifically tailored for girls and women. These projects celebrate the powerful role women have in making a healthy community, how important it is to look after yourself and your family and be a good role model with values and strong culture.

IHHP – Katherine – Sister Power

IHHP was so proud to partner with YMCA Katherine and the Katherine Girls Empowerment Group to write, record and create this deadly music video. We focused on celebrating sister power and addressing issues and challenges facing young women. So proud of these deadly sisters from Ktown, this song will be an anthem for women all over the world.

Queensland Health Cervical Screening Program

Keep Looking Forward by Mossman Gorge-ous Girls

IHHP – Gununa Girls – Time to Party 

Doomadgee L.O.V.E by Makuwa Girls

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects in partnership with Queensland Cervical Screening Program visited Mossman Gorge Aboriginal Community, Mornington Island and Doomadgee to make resources. IHHP and Colleen Voss spent one week in community learning the ways of the community and talking up women’s health. Together we hope this video celebrates the powerful role women have in making a healthy community, how important it is to look after yourself and your family, and how strong culture will live on in community for many decades to come. We hope that these clips will encourage women all over the world to have the confidence to go and get a checkup and talk to local nurses, doctors and each other about women’s business, in mind, spirit and body.

Strong Women & Children- One Love, One heart

IHHP partnered with the Wurli Wurlinjang Health Service and the incredible women of Binjari, Rockhole, Gorge Camp and Kalano communities, NT to make this deadly music video.

The women and children of the Katherine region deserve the absolute best, to be strong, healthy and smart. We explored the key factors of parenting that contribute to the safe upbringing of our children. We explored the importance of teaching children strong culture and identity. We explored the importance of eating an iron-rich diet in order to avoid anemia, especially during pregnancy.

Our children are the future, keep them safe and be a healthy Mum. It’s the parent’s choice – it’s up to you!

One Love, One Heart – Respect the Mother Earth!