Empower communities to take action

Suicide is such a sensitive thing to talk about in Australian Indigenous communities because of the pain and sorry business that happens around the loss of family members.

IHHP have been taking with Elders all over the country and there is an overwhelming feeling of ‘enough talk’ about suicide, so lets create strong action plans for each community and tackle it as communities at a grass roots level.

Creating community social and emotional wellbeing teams, which families can trust in a safe space to reach out, talk to and seek help from. Creating strong programs around sport, arts, music, connection to country, culture and looking after each other is essential. Almost like a detailed plan for healing and social and emotional wellbeing ‘for each community, by each community’, along with strong resources and a strong clinical programme to back it up, IHHP aims to teach the communities how to identify when a young person is presenting signs of depression and mental health problems. Book one of our campaigns or projects today, lets make a difference.