IHHP has been extensively working on social and emotional wellbeing campaigns over 10 years and we hold a huge amount of experience in this health area. We work closely with communities to address these issues in the most positive way possible, brainstorming issues and focusing on the strengths of the young people and community. Suicide is a huge problem and has reached crisis point for our Indigenous communities in Australia. The Australian Government has invested millions into trying to tackle this major problem, however lots more needs to be done at a grass roots community level.

15 – 25 year old males are the most at risk. Through our work with Indigenous youth, they have stated the following areas contribute to suicide and poor social and emotional wellbeing:

  • Racism
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Abuse (both domestic violence and sexual)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Grief
  • Generational trauma
  • Lateral violence and bullying
  • Yarn carting/back biting
  • Isolation
  • Lack of engaging cultural specific programs for youth to be engaged
  • Over Crowding in houses (25 family members living in a two bed room house)
  • Stolen generation
  • Lack of financial security
  • Lack of employment opportunities

IHHP has been working really hard across all States and Territories to promote awareness and trying to encourage community members to reach out, talk it out and seek help, however much more needs to be done.

IHHP and youth Beyondblue- ‘Look, Listen, Talk, Seek Help’ over 5 years 2007- 2011

IHHP has worked for five years with Beyondblue, a national depression and anxiety initiative promoting the youth Beyondblue message of: Look, Listen, Talk, Seek Help. We visited 55 communities per year in week-long capacity with four to five artists, spreading the awareness and yarning up mental health for over 5 years 2007- 2011.

IHHP beyondblue- evaluation research report



Headspace- ‘Got alot Going On’

2014 ‘Yarn Safe’ Music Video Project – Rockhole, Beswick, Belyuen

Headspace, IHHP and Gilimba undertook a series of activities at Rockhole, Beswick and Belyuen in the Northern Territory, between 24 September to 4 October, 2014, to make a “Yarn Safe” music video called ‘Got alot going on’. The initial activities included:

  • A series of Hip Hop dance workshops, run by IHHP and featuring three Indigenous dancers at local schools.
  • A series of workshops with young people to write and record a song and music video around the themes of social and emotional wellbeing, aligned to the theme of “Yarn Safe”.
  • The song was a collaboration of the four communities.

The filming of young people in the community truly showed the strength of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture in the community. IHHP and Gilimba co-directed the footage and post-production.

Following the amazing success of the above activities, Headspace and IHHP returned in December 2014, to celebrate with the communities and to launch the music video with each of them.

Got a lot going on – Yarn Safe video

Philly and the ‘Got a lot going on’ video




Other recent IHHP Headspace projects

IHHP – Headspace Mount Isa Dance Tour April 2015 

IHHP Headspace, Gilimbaa- Yarn Safe ‘Go Alot Going On”

IHHP, Headspace Logan City

IHHP – Headspace Bunbury Spirit 


Maningrida ‘Make it through’

Menzies, in partnership with Greats Youth Service, teamed up with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects to develop a youth-led resource to promote locally relevant responses to suicide and related issues in Maningrida, particularly domestic violence and violence in young relationships. Using funding from the NT PHN National Suicide Prevention Strategy, artists and young people work shopped ideas around help-seeking, healthy relationships, parenting, and youth mental health to put together the song and video production for ‘Make it Through’. The song sends a clear message of the fundamental importance of culture as a source of strength in these contexts.

IHHP – Maningrida ‘Make it through’


Broome ‘Call on Me’

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects was proud to partner with Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service and St. Mary’s College, Broome to come up with this amazing dance music video clip. It’s a social and emotional well being resource that was funded by The Australian Government to create this powerful music video clip to address issues of suicide and social and emotional wellbeing in the Kimberley. The song went viral and was later turned into a TV commercial broadcast across WA.

IHHP Broome – Call On Me

IHHP – Call on Me Television Commerical – BRAMS

Call On Me- TVC (option three) “Call on me”

BRAMS- TVC (option two) “Call on me”