Sexual Reproductive Health Campaigns

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects has been actively working alongside communities across Australia from the mainland through to the Torres Straight, promoting how to keep yourself safe with protective behaviours and focusing on the three R’s; Rights, Respect and Responsibilities, in relation to Sexual and Reproductive Health. It is important to have the confidence to go with your gut instinct and have the confidence to say ‘No!’ Don’t give in to peer pressure. Everyone has the right to make his or her own choice! Drugs and alcohol can seriously alter our ability to make the right choices. Remember don’t be ashamed to go and get regular health checks and be in control of your health.

Our most standout IHHP campaigns to date have been:

2010 Torres Straight  / NPA IHHP and Population Health Queensland – Sexual Health Checks:

10 Artist Bamaga, Injinoo, New Mapoon, Seisia, Umagico, Saibai and Boigu Island, Saibai Island.


The Torres Indigenous Hip Hop Project (The Project) was conducted in the Torres and Northern Peninsula Area of Queensland during early 2010. Below is a link to a research paper, which provides a critical analysis of our work and identifies criteria that may form a suitable framework for the assessment of proposals for sexual health promotion using performing arts-based approaches in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settings.

The Project required significant human and organisational implementation support. The project was successful in facilitating event-specific community mobilisation. It raised awareness of sexual health disadvantage and engaged effectively with the target group.

Link Below to research report:

The Torres Indigenous HipHop Project Evaluating the use of performing arts as a medium for sexual health promotion- Dr Alan Crouch Queensland Population Health

IHHP AHMRC ‘Its Your Choice Have A Voice’ Rights Respect, Responsibility in relation to Sexual and reproductive health Campaign 2012- 2013.


The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) along with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) are bringing a state-wide arts based campaign to empower and educate Aboriginal adolescents to make informed choices about sexual and reproductive health and understand the negative impacts of alcohol and other drugs on their health.

AH&MRC and IHHPs ran a week-long hip hop dance and song writing workshop for young people and evening salsa classes for parents and carers in communities across 17 communities in NSW in 2012 and 2013.

The key messages of our campaign are:

  • The choices you are making now, can affect your future.
  • There is support available.
  • Respect yourself, your culture, family and partner to have healthy relationships.
  • You can be whatever you want to be, you have the power to make choices that can be right for you.
  • Rights, Respect, Responsibility.

Face Book link to the campaign:

Its-Your-Choice-Have-a-Voice Facebook Page

Sound Cloud link to ‘It’s your choice, have a voice’ songs recorded in communities.

it’s your choice have a voice sound cloud


LOOMA WAY – One Arm Point – 2014

IHHP and Anglicare WA, joined forces with the remote Western Australian communities of Looma, One Arm Point, to produce a fantastic resource called ‘Looma Way’. This song talks about keeping yourself safe with protective behaviours. Having the confidence to say no and having respect for each other.

IHHP – Looma – Looma Way

IHHP One Arm Point – The O.A.P. Respect