School Attendance (truancy)

IHHP has been working with schools all over Australia to make school fun and to make deadly resources to encourage and teach kids about how important it is to go to school and get an education. Going to school and getting a good education is the most important thing for young people across Australia. Schooling will help you gain all the skills, knowledge, friends and life changing experiences that you will never forget. IHHP has been promoting schooling both in mainstream education, literacy and numeracy as well as traditional cultural education. If young Indigenous youth are skilled in both Gardia/Balanda education and traditional education, then it will mean they can be strong and successful in both cultures. Kids need to dream big and set goals for what they want to be when they leave school. Doctor, Teacher, Grader operator – anything is possible. We need young people to grow up and get the skills so they can bring their skills and knowledge back into their own communities and work and raise families of their own in country. All families need to place importance on getting their kids to school everyday. Check out below some of the awesome school attendance and truancy projects recently delivered.

Strelley School- Celebration Song

IHHP- Wadeye ‘Just be Proud’

IHHP – Halls Creek – Higher Attendance 

IHHP – Garma Youth Forum – Knowledge is Power (Go to School)

IHHP- Deadly Sheperdson College ‘Dhapirrk Wukirri’