Rheumatic Heart Disease is 100% preventable!

IHHP has joined the fight to try and curve the alarming rates of Rheumatic Heart Disease in Indigenous communities across Australia.

Rheumatic Heart disease is caused by chronic damage to the valves in the heart caused by repeated cases of acute rheumatic fever. This can be 100% prevented.

What is Rheumatic Fever? 

Acute rheumatic fever is an illness caused by an autoimmune response to a bacterial infection with Group A streptococcus, commonly called the strep bacteria.

So if you get a sore throat, sore skin, or feel any other symptoms such as aches and pains, chills, sore heart, feeling weak or tired then please go to the clinic or hospital and see a doctor straight away. Once you have RHD then you must stick to the treatment plan receiving antibiotics every 28 days. If left untreated, this disease will lead to open-heart surgery or even death.

IHHP RHD – Rheumatic Heart Disease Campaign

IHHP – Maningrida “My Heart Keeps Beating” 

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects was so proud to partner with Malabam Health Service, GYS Maningrida and Menzies School of Health Research to work with Maningrida community to create this deadly Music Video ‘Heart Keeps Beating’. We brought together many people from the community, young and old who have RHD and listened to their powerful and emotional stories and personal experiences about living with the disease. We worked with the talented young people and Youth Workers from Maningrida along with Traditional Songman Diddo and dancer/storyteller Hamish and Solomon.

No child should bear the scars of open-heart surgery. Rheumatic Heart Disease is preventable if you get to the clinic and receive medicine when you have a sore throat or skin infection you will help stop the Strep germ from hurting your heart. If you do have RHD then it is essential for your survival to receive an injection of antibiotics every 28 days. This project was also supported by ‘Stronger Communities for Children’ program.

IHHP Lajamanu – Heart Song 

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects was proud to partner with Katherine West Health Board and the Lajamanu Community NT to create this follow up deadly Music Video/ Health Resource. The key message was focused on the serious heart disease Rheumatic Fever.  Every person in community has the power to make the right choice and lead a happy healthy life. Respect to Lajamanu Community, we were honoured to have North Tanami Band assisting us with this creative process and recording the deadly song