'Strong Little Ears'

IHHP is committed to supporting the ear health of Indigenous communities across the country. We work day in, day out with thousands of kids and it is astounding to find the number of Indigenous children with hearing loss or deafness caused from poor ear health. This dramatically effects their quality of life and ability to learn, work, or have a strong social life. Germs cause infections, so keeping your house, body, face and hands clean is a big start to strong ear health. If your babies or kids have runny ears, then go to the clinic for a check up straight away.

IHHP is working across all projects to support the following NT Ear Health recommendations:

  • Promote understanding in community about hearing loss and ear problems.
  • Help families to understand and participate in recommended ear treatment.
  • Support families to attend routine ear checkups with their babies and children.
  • Work with health centre, community groups and childcare.
  • Help hearing health staff when they are working in community.
  • Develop resources and activities to share ear and hearing health information.

IHHP teamed up with The Department of Health, Northern Territory Government, Central Australia Hearing Health Program NT and Owairtilla School as part of their hearing health program to create this resource to promote strong messages focused on ear health.

IHHP were so privileged to work alongside the beautiful community of Owairtilla (Canteen Creek), NT to create this remarkable video clip called ‘Drum, Drum’. We are so proud of this deadly achievement, which is first of its kind in ear health promotion.

Massive thank you Owairtilla School, all the Elders and local community members for participating in the production and filming of this educational health music video clip. What an amazing achievement! Listen to the message and hear it clear! We need all families to look after their ears!!

IHHP – Owairtilla (Canteen Creek) NT ‘Drum, Drum’