'H2o is the way 2 Go!'

Sugary, fizzy drinks and processed foods are like an addictive drug that is poisoning and killing people in communities across Australia. It is causing obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and chronic disease and too many family members are passing away too young or having a seriously unhealthy and difficult life because of their addiction to sugar. This comes down to empowering people to making the right choice when they are shopping for food, drinks and snacks. Making healthier choices, which might not always taste as nice, are actually going to make us into a strong and healthy people who will be fitter and happier.

Choose water over soft drinks, flavoured milk, energy drinks and juices. Water (H2o) has zero sugar and our bodies love it. Try and avoid eating too much sugar or even live life sugar-free. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables along with fresh bush foods, fish, kangaroo, bush berries and plums are the healthy choice. Eat fresh meat not processed tinned meat. Eat healthy and you will be healthy, especially if you try to exercise for at least 1 hour a day too. Your body is only as healthy as the fuel that you put into it.

IHHP – Maningrida ‘Living Sugar Free’

IHHP | Palmerston- ‘H2O, is the GO!’