Bullying and Cyber Safety

Bullying and cyber bullying is a big concern for schools and communities across Australia and has contributed to some unthinkable, hurtful and in some cases, fatal events for some families. Too many young people are running other people down, either in front of other mates, behind their back or behind the safety of a keyboard or phone. IHHP has completed many projects with communities seriously effected by this behaviour. We explore key themes and talk about health issues around, social and emotional wellbeing, gossip, yarn carting, bullying, jealousy and back biting.

Teasing or yarn carting can really hurt friends or family and damage relationships for a long time, sometimes permanently. Just remember to put yourself in other person’s shoes and imagine if you were the one on the receiving end. If you are someone who is being bullied or teased then be strong, stand up for yourself and remember the person doing this to you is actually insecure or weak in themselves and need to bully you is to try and feel better about themselves.

Be very carful when texting or writing messages on social media. Stop and think before you post. Texts can be taken out of context and be read in all sorts of different tones and sentiments. Think very hard about what you post and don’t be a keyboard warrior.

More people need focus on the positives in others and the strengths that everyone has to offer. Think about what you say to others and how it will affect them. If you are going to say something online or to someone’s face, then make sure it’s positive and constructive. If you don’t have something positive to say then just don’t say anything at all. Think about other peoples feelings and how words can hurt and damage others peoples lives. Show respect and love, treat people how you wish to be treated in return.


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