Smoking is a serious problem within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The prevalence of smoking-related cancer in Aboriginal communities, compared to the rest of the population is three times higher. It is well reported that smoking tobacco is one of the leading causes of death and bad health in indigenous communities. IHHP have worked with many communities across Australia on Tackling Tobacco issues.

IHHP Tackling Tobacco and Anti-Smoking Campaigns

Below are examples of different projects that we have rolled out around Australia targeting the key anti-smoking messages outlined in the attached programme brief.

Miwatj Health – Yaka Buny’djurr Ngarali Campaign 2015 June- August

In May 2015, IHHP partnered with Miwatj Health to work with communities within Arnhem Land to produce five Music Videos.  As part of the Yaka Buny’djurr Ngarali campaign with Miwatj Health, the songs were written with young people and community to promote healthy lifestyles. Yaka Buny’djurr Ngarali translates to ‘Don’t Smoke’.  Healthy lifestyles choices are about be promoting sport, dance and healthy eating, and promoting health seeking behaviours.  We are hoping through this campaign to denormalise tobacco use.

IHHP & MIWATJ Health – Yirrkala – Stay True 

IHHP and MIWATJ Health – Ramingining – Stay on track 

IHHP and MIWATJ Health – Gapuwiyak – Look after your future. 

IHHP & Miwatj Health – Elcho Island – Galiwin’ku Sunset 

IHHP & Miwatj Health – Milingimbi – Better Than That 

Northern Rivers- Solid Mob “is a smoke-free mob”- Dance Project – July 2015

IHHP trained young leaders from the high school and formed a crew called Solid mob.

IHHP and Solid Mob joined together to tour around the Northern Rivers area, teaching dance workshops throughout all the Primary schools.  IHHP enlisted a crew from Casino and South Grafton High School, to join IHHP and help with teaching their local Primary schools.  While leading the dance workshops and doing a deadly performance, the young leaders helped out with Solid Mob to teach about the effects of tobacco on young lungs.

These young Bundjalung Leaders are making the Northern Rivers proud.

IHHP – Solid Mob- Northern Rivers Dance Week Two

IHHP Dance ‘Solid Mob’- Leadership Anti-smoking campaign  

Solid Mob facebook page

Menzies No Smokes campaign

IHHP joined forces with Menzies School of Health Research to help with their ‘No Smoke’ website.

IHHP Artists Dallas Woods, Dion Brownfield, Genelle Harris, and Kian Brownfield wrote a deadly anti-smoking song which was performed by Dallas Woods. The song became the theme song to the no smokes on my website. IHHP Dance artists Mathew Prestly and Janita Duncan had two days shooting in front of a green screen to create an interact dance competition between a smoker and a non-smoker.

This was turned into a game whereby people could crop a friend or family members head from a photo and paste it over the artists head and send the link to family members to entice them in a humorous way to quit smoking.

IHHP and Menzies ‘No Smokes” Campaign Game and Song


Produced in partnership with Katherine West Health this project was a finalist for the 2015 NIMA awards for best community video of the year.

Bulla Camp NT “Breath in, Breath out” – No smoking song

Katherine West Health Fest

Bulla KWHF Anti Smoking Festival sponsored by QUIT

Timber Creek – KWHF ‘No Smoking Festival’ sponsored by QUIT Line

Rockhole in Partnership with Wurli-Wurli Health Service Katherine!

Rockhole – ‘smoking what are you thinking?’

Rockhole remix- Rockhole Community NT- 

Toowoomba ” Jump” No smoking Dance song

Toowoomba “Jump” – No smoking song


Wyndham “Give it up”

Other IHHP community Projects and Anti-Smoking/ Tackling Tobacco Music Videos

Mornington Island- Hit The Ground

Mornington Island- Strong Mind, Strong Spirit

Mt Isa- Stop

Coen- Shake a leg till you break a leg

Lockart River- Malkari Time

Normanton- Bounce

Mt Isa- Stay Strong